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My first experience with a real trans / shemale escorts

I love playing with my dick for a long time, but which man is not? I also love sex, but pampering my tool also plays a special role in my life. There are times when I just jerk off playfully, and other times I’m in the mood to jerk hard. Of course, I always play the necessary porn. My favorites are videos are of skinny women as well as shemale escorts, but sometimes I pick from other categories as well.

I adorer the thin, big-breasted women and I appreciate the tight wet. Guys don’t really interest me, but trans escorts do. For me, they’re male-born women, and for a while, the “little bonus” between their legs is getting more and more exciting. For some time now, I have been fantasizing about what it is like to play and pamper not only with your own penis but also with someone else's. For me, the feedback from my partner, the little sighs, moans, twitches, is very important in sex, I really enjoy it when I hear and see the other is also good.
After a little introduction, this is how we come to one of the most beautiful adventures of my life. I decided to call real trans escorts. I contacted a few female escorts on a website, and I discussed a date with Heidy. We didn’t talk much before, it was just a little discussion about who wants what from the other in bed, what plans the other has.

We arranged a date and Heidy invited me to her home. I knew what I was getting ready for, but it was a more wonderful experience than expected.
Before I set off for the address she gave, I tidied myself up nicely, shaving, showering, my best Armani perfume, and so on. When I got there to the gate, my heart pounded excitedly, the time had come that I had been waiting for for months now. When I rang the time as if it had slowed down I was so excited, the 10 seconds waiting felt like hours. So much ran through my head about what was going to happen, I don't want to disappoint her or anything like that. I walked in the entrance, took the direction up the stairs, knocked, and Heidy was already lounging behind the door because she opened the door right away.

I didn't expect such a sight. She wore a red high heel and a transparent nightgown underneath her lacy french panties (this I told her was my favorite) and a matching bra. Heidy was completely feminine. On the street, no one would have seen her other than a woman. She had shoulder-length black hair with medium breasts and a charming girly face, and her skin was fluffy, hairless, and truly adorable silky.
- Are you impressed? - asked.
"Sure I am, you are very sexy," I said.
"Then come in quickly, because this show is just for you," and he smiled flirtatiously.
As I entered, she closed the door, leaned over to me, and kissed me. I completely turn on from this short kiss, so I pulled her closer and we ate each other wildly for long minutes. Meanwhile, my hands wandered, placing one hand over her buttocks on her back and just pulling her to myself, while with the other I grabbed her buttocks through her little nightgown. 

So it went on for minutes, then grabbed my hand and took me to one of the rooms where we continued. Meanwhile, he caressed my chest with his hands and occasionally grabbed my ass as well. I was already so hard about it that I grabbed her waist and turned my back to her neck and ears and started to pile up with tiny kisses as my hands discovered her breasts. Heidy had medium breasts, but she was just something I could love and pamper for hours on end. I finally took off my nightgown, and my hands went on a journey of discovery on her velvety, fragrant skin, I turned off her bra and so I could already feel the shapely, tight breasts. He wanted to turn around, but I thought it wasn’t time for anything yet, and yet it’s still good to see who’s in control right now. I didn’t let her. I turned around and whispered in his ear:
- Stay, just let me pamper you.

By this time one of my hands was moving down her belly. I was not in a hurry I wanted to enjoy every moment and caress all her cartilage. I went further down to the French panties, which were already nicely bulged, I thought it wasn’t hard yet, but we’ll help with that soon. Meanwhile, I continued to kiss her neck from behind and put my other hand on her chest as if I never wanted to let go - and I didn’t want to -
- you are very sexy, and I am going crazy for your body, I whispered something like that in her ear before she reached back and started stroking and grabbing my ass as far as she could.

My hand reached for the part of her body that I was really looking forward to touching and making it my toy. I took off her panties and gently took it in my arms. It felt really good to hold such a pretty shemale cock in my hands while her body tensed to mine. I slowly stroked my hand and then grabbed it again and very slowly pulled the skin back to look at his manhood from above behind his shoulders.
I will never forget this night. I’v been visiting trans escorts ever since. I’ve been with Heidy many times. We even had a gang bang party with other shemale escorts as well.

Experience the loving touch of tranny escort and ts escorts

On EscortLiveGirls you can find escorts under the trans category as well. You choose from a large variety of shemale escorts and ts escorts to call them and discussing the details of a personal meeting. You can also chat and video chat with trans advertisers to get to know them a little better. It can help you selecting the perfect partner for the evening. They can accompany you to special events and also satisfy you in the bed (or on other furniture).

You can take advantage of the male reproductive organ and a feminine attitude at the same time! Invite a ts escort to your home or to one of your friend’s place. Get ready! Because a shemale escort might offer you a completely new experience that you never had before. Trans escort are widely popular amongst men. They are hired on high profile occasions when new sexual heights are planned to be conquered. They can turn you on hard. They can blow you away like the big bad wolf blows the three piglets’ house away. Imagine it as a bed time story. A tale as old as time.

Once upon a time there was a boy. You are bringing cookies and tea for your grandmother. But the big bad, dirty and sinful wolf is already there. Disguised as the grandmother.
- “But grandmother! What big hands you have?”
- “The better to give handjobs with, my dear!”
- “But grandmother! What big mouth you have?”
- “The better to give blowjobs with, my dear!”
- “But grandmother! What big crotch you have?”
- “The better to bang you with, my dear!” – the wolf suddenly drops his trench coat. You are left nothing but shocked. The biggest surprise that was ever told. Grandma has a sizable dick. The end.

If you need any sensual pleasure, we advise you to find a tranny escort you like and invite him or her over. You’ll have guaranteed fun. Trans lovers are always a safe bet. The evening cannot go wrong. Become a sexual explorer searching for a new state of passion! Your dream is finally about to come true…


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