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Our goal is simple - "Convenient and fast communication with escort girls"

Our site is designed to provide a professional platform for business people and those who spend lot of time away from home to find attractive sex partners, guides, or just a few new friendly faces. We help you make new acquaintances and build new relationships in your current location. Our members can perform targeted searches and find the most attractive escort girls, the most beautiful gentlemen, and the sexiest transgender people in the area. The emphasis is on good fun, comfortable human relationships, and reliability. We want our visitors and advertisers to feel comfortable in their own skin as well. Here on this page.
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Escort Live Girls is an international companion library where escorts from all over the world can publish their escort ads. Both independent individuals and agencies can advertise themselves. Our advertisers offer professional services, wonderful entertainment, a variety of adult activities, a reliable guide, and an interesting company.

What is an escort?

In short, an escort is a person who gets paid for accompanying someone to an event that may end with a sexual act. This service can range from simple phone sex to hardcore BDSM. Everyone has their own deep and twisted desires. The only question is how much can someone reveal? Or they let go completely and surrender themselves to a life of sin?
Let’s start at the top. The two major categories of this profession.
Incall service means that the client visits the advertisers’ home or place of operation. It might be better prepared for erotic pleasures. Fully equipped with sex toys and sex furniture. Sometimes the whole apartment is transformed into a dungeon. It provides a great experience for adventurous clients.

The other is the outcall service. In this case, the meeting happens in a place selected by the client. Often their flat or a rented motel room. The home territory grants a safer feeling. It is harder to get caught if it is a secret forbidden rendezvous.

The actual female escort services may depend on the previous two categories and of course money. But you should always ask in advance about the extreme requests. Not everyone is willing to fulfill them.

Why is Escort Live Girls different from other escort sites?

There are more escort sites on the web than garbage in the oceans. What is so special about this one? There are a thousand more where you can find local escorts and reach them over the phone or email. On some websites, you can even make an appointment. We got that covered too. Plus, on visitors can chat with sexy escort girls online. With today’s technological advancement chat is the most efficient most comfortable way of communication. It is not distracting. You answer when you want. It can be ignored at inappropriate times. You can exchange information easily and get to know each other quickly.

But that’s not all. Our big gun is the video chat feature. The two parties can have video conversations in their browser. They can speak freely with a live audio and video feed and they can discuss any detail and dirty little secret before they meet. It allows you to form a more personal opinion about the advertiser. You can decide whether you like him or her, or not. You can avoid a really uncomfortable experience this way instead of getting disappointed in the personal meeting.

Why is it worth posting your escort ad here?

The answer is short. You can earn money that we transfer to your bank account. The site’s currency is called credit. You can collect credits by interacting with visitors. And when you reach the 1000 credit payout limit, you will be able to initiate a payout request and we will transfer it to your bank account. You can earn credits for every incoming chat character that the visitors send to you. It is worth it to always reply swiftly and keep the attention of your potential partner. About him! Tease him and let him know your only wish is to make physical contact! Let your words perform like an erotic dancer!

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The best part is that you would communicate with your clients anyway to secure appointments. With this opportunity, you can make a nice online revenue addition to your offline income without doing any plus work.

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I want to share my story and all of my life and experiences that have happened with me since becoming part of the new life that came in when I became an escort live girls site model. First of all, I write an introduction about my previous life.

When I finished my school years and started working, I thought I could implement everything that was in my plans. I wanted a big house with a nice garden. A beautiful sports car and plenty of free time to spend on my passions.

Since many people have commented before that to me: You are an extremely beautiful and sexy girl as an escort model, I have spent more time preserving my beauty. I used to go to the gym, run outdoors, solarium, and beautician. After a few years, I felt that my desire for my job would not be enough to fulfill my desire. Fortunately, one day, I ran into an old classmate. She told me how great her days are and her life is full. He has been telling you since he registered on an escort site as an escort girl. Her life and dreams have come true. I didn't want to give up on my dreams. I decided to change my life and register on this escort site. 

I imagined what it would be like to be an escort girl. I also remembered that I could have a sex adventure that was only in my dreams. Like a pornstar. Because everyone has desires that you can't do within a love relationship. But everybody has desires. I really love sex. I love it when the escort man is controlling me in bed and becomes vulnerable. "It's so exciting."

Maybe even being with a long-term sex companion I can spend my days enjoying and providing me with financial well-being. He would be my sugar daddy. But I may find the great love of my life. Well, it's not been a day and I signed up for that escort site. Where there was plenty of escort ads. There were pornstars too. There are many conditions to search in the search engine. You can search for breast size, hair color, and country. Eg: London escort, Amsterdam escort, Paris escort, USA escort, European escort, Budapest escort, Bucharest escort. Berlin escort. But what I found most interesting is that the site, there is an option to video chat online and that is why I even make money. It is absolutely fascinating that one does not go out of the house. I just sit in front of the computer or chat on my phone and make money. "and not a little."
It's being a callgirl. It sounds so much fun. I imagine being in the camera and the member says to me: Show your tits, your butt, and your pussy. For these requests, visitors always give me a tip, which is extra money for me in addition to earning one euro per minute. So, on a lucky day, I can earn 1000 euros without ever leaving my home.

Well, I signed up and just bought a VIP membership for a secure look. Giving myself the maximum opportunity. This is how I became a VIP escort woman and entered the VIP escort search engine. It didn't take two days. I got a reservation from a gentleman who wants to take me on a business trip in Europe and wants me to be his sexy escort girl. I accepted his reservation and talked to him on chat where the details were discussed. He was kind and generous with me already here because at the end of the conversation he sent a huge tip in the chat window. So I thought he would treat me well. The day came when we met. He was waiting for me at the airport. His look was elegant and well-groomed. His face was charming, attractive. She came in a beautiful sports car, and she opened the door to me to help me get in. He took me first to dinner at a very famous restaurant where I felt like a real independent escort.

After dinner, we went to see the city while we talked about ourselves. He told me that he often met women from the site. He enjoys their company very much, and his work does not allow him to establish another quality relationship. He ofter meets escort women. Late at night we went up to the hotel room and spent a wonderful night together. It was so exciting. So I got myself a passionate north I've never had before. The next day we went to eat a hotel breakfast. After we went shopping where He bought me some valuable things. At the end of the day, he took me to a business meeting where I met and talked to plenty of people. I managed to get some good relationships and partners. "I wouldn't have thought I could even build my own work at such a time." I felt great, and he treated me very politely all night. That night was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it. The next morning, he took me to the airport and handed me the amount. Kindly said goodbye and promised will reappear soon. While sitting on the airplane, it was in my mind how pleasantly I spend the past few days had been and how much money I had made with it. I knew then that, I will be an escort girl in the years to come.

The site had many requests in the early periods already. As soon as I got home on my first trip, I have been expecting another escort booking. It happened to me that seven days of luxury ships came to me. That was also a very beautiful memory that I will never forget. There were plenty of businessmen and sexy escort girls, escort men, and even escort trans at the one-week party at sea. I spent a week in luxury environments and orgies. I made huge money with it.

Many times they also contacted me on the site to talk to me. The gentlemen spent plenty of money talking to me because they needed a webcam girl to speak. I know there are people on the site who are happy to take on stripping. These times were also fun for me. I met a large number of interesting people. I made lots of money with it. There were days when I earned 1000 euros too. It even happened that I made a few minutes. I earned this amount when I made an erotic show and he was sending me tips. Many times happened, someone wanted to look at the camera before meeting me. "I never caused disappointed" I called them a "meet escort visitor". I may have been doing this for a year and have already felt that the dreams I had imagined for myself were within reach. Not to mention that I still had a good time too.

Over time I learned to massage professionally because I noticed that the guests love it. I also called this service "escort massage". This has given me more requests on the escort live girls site. For this service, it happened that girls also came. Those who demanded a traditional massage or some women sought erotic massage. I always looked curiously at the female body and often fantasized about it.
That is why it happened that I undertook erotic massage for women, which I performed and finished with tongue technique.

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Models are happy to entertain their visitors with webcam girls shows for a pleasant stay. You have the opportunity to inspire girls with tips to make hotter women even more enjoyable.

The story of female escorts

The next morning I regained consciousness, and I saw that the others were doing the same. Like me, they don’t know if they should open their eyes or take a nap instead. Eve's body was also stunning in the morning sun. She’s a female escort I picked up yesterday. When I moved, he hugged me with his arm and signaled with a hot kiss. I dug into her hair and tasted her neck with my tongue and enjoyed the natural scent of her body, which even in the morning was like kissing a baby. I was by no means so satisfied with myself. In the evening, after the big lovemaking, I fell asleep in my sweetheart’s arms and didn’t go to take a shower. It was just time for me to make up for that. I went out into the shower, but I could barely let the water in, Eve was already growing up next to me and interrogating me in her shower cubicle. My tired body was now massaged not only by the hot water but also by my partner’s soft hands. He grabbed the soap and soaped my body from centimeter to centimeter, then massaged my foaming limbs all the way, continuing with my chest, buttocks, and leaving my now hardly branched penis at the end. He washed it clean, then waited for a while to start pampering my dick with his lips. His technique is extremely experienced. I didn’t want to leave this lovely morning gift unanswered, so I also saw Eve’s body soap. Whatever I mean to her cartilage, I could feel that she was already desperate for me, as evidenced by her increasingly swollen labia and the slimy nectar coming out of her vagina.

Eve enjoyed the writhing, closed eyes as I circled my nimble fingers on the growing button on her clit. This beautiful woman is beautiful. A few seconds after I started massaging her clit with my slippery fingers, she was already in a state of self-loathing, so I quickly washed off the foam so that the soap wouldn’t sting if I penetrated it all the way with my finger. I didn’t expect much, I already pushed my middle finger in between the swollen labia… In the evening I experienced where the point I had to caress in her vagina to reach the pinnacle of pleasure. This point happened soon. He locked one of his legs to my waist, spreading his thighs better, making my job easier, and freeing my way in front of my lustfully throbbing dick. When his orgasmic writhes subsided, he squatted in front of me and eagerly began to lick my acorn, then alternately tapping his lower tongue at the part where my foreskin joins my acorn. Eve knew full well that this was the most sensitive part of his penis. Then he sucked my pruning tool more and more down his throat. I already knew from our night adventure that he was very good at this. Sucking is one of my favorite pastimes. I didn't even want to hold back, this time I wanted to get to the top from the first momentum. As the summer shower erupted from the cloud, so did the sperm rain, covering everything in its path.

We hugged each other contentedly, enjoyed the invigorating effects of the pouring water for a few more minutes, and then went out into the kitchen. Soon my friend got it right, Lili took a bath, and then we started discussing our program for the day. I had never been to a nudist beach before and I really longed for a little tail swaying sunbathing. I knew the Germans were great friends for naturist pleasures, so I boldly asked if they knew of any such place nearby. The girls almost at once said no, as they spend their time there with their friends almost every day! They ran away for clean stuff and since they also lived in that house, only in another stairwell, they soon returned with mats and towels. They were very lightly dressed and I looked at Eve more closely. She was wearing a beach slipper, a short skirt tied at one side, something thin gauze-like fabric, and a little top tied at her neck and back. Panties, that's not it. The female escorts usually have an incomplete wardrobe, but fortunately, she had just enough clothes. As I stroked her round butt, the sleeping lion awoke in me again, my penis suddenly starting to branch again. But he has now quickly cooled down so that we still have time for that, rather let us get rid of the captivity of the housing estate landscape.

We tried to dress lightly like the girls. I wore a pair of cut-down jeans and a leotard and I hid in slippers too. Of course, I didn't wear underpants either. That’s how we started in fours in the sparkling sunshine. I no longer remember exactly which route we approached our destination, only a long rumble on a tram remained in my memories. As we landed at the terminus, it turned out that almost the entire crowded train headed for that nudist beach.

We went into the carefully mowed grassy area, the middle of which was gaping with a huge lake. It was a very large area, no trace of this congestion could be seen, but everyone was in a bathing suit. We walked, we walked, until a sign stood behind a thirty-centimeter-high hedge that let us know that we were in the nudist terrain from here on out. No fence, no partition wall, a meter away from us, the crowds were already naked in the grass. What was striking was that I didn’t see tummy, bad-shaped men, hairy, hanging-breasted women here. Whoever chose this place gave it to appear with an aesthetic appearance. There were several people here, but still breezy enough to make you feel comfortable. We tried by the water when we heard girls shouting Eve and Lili’s names. We went to the crowded company. They were mostly girls and a couple of boys, blondes with white skin, blue eyes, thin, so my friend Pete and I got out of line.

We spread out the mats and crouched between them. In front of me, at arm's length, lay a girl lying on her back, her knees raised, her legs spread apart. It was hot anyway, but from that sight, the water spilled even more. Her beautiful pussy immediately affected the blood vessels running in my penis. To her left, another girl was lying on her stomach reading something, her legs spread. Next to me is my girlfriend naked, whom I was getting excited about anyway. Her show last night was amazing as expected from any female escorts. Young, well-shaped girls huddled unabashedly around us. I didn't look at the men. All this with beautiful, lush grass, trees, and a smooth water mirror. It was a paradise manifested on earth for me. I admired the shameless behavior unfolding before me. I bit myself to abuse my positional advantage that way, but since it didn’t bother them, and I even saw them playing for a little bit to embarrass us, the two strangers, I took on my behavior. Not long after, we were invited to take a bath. I closed my eyes for a minute so that my prickly penis would fade somewhat, then clung to my girlfriend and ran into the water.

I expected it to be colder, but it was very pleasant. The others came too. They brought a ball, we first tossed it and then started fishing. We stood in a circle, grabbing each other’s hands and sliding each other over to the opposite side through the outstretched arms. With each such slip, I could feel the women’s helping arms and then palms expertly smoothing our penis and scrotum. We had a lot of fun, that when the water came to the surface, our tools were burning very fast.

Then we played a sneak peek, meaning we had to swim underwater between our opposite legs. The lake was so clear that it could be drained with open eyes and we all practiced this very clearly. I got plenty of pleasant caresses, and when I fell under the water, I also tried to place at least one kiss on the girls ’pubic mound. If she spread her legs far enough, I even licked into that particular pussy, which was usually acknowledged with a soft caress on my head. Luckily the boys didn't care about this thing, my friend was a little shyer than that, so soon only Eve and six other girls were licking me. I was just waiting for when I could take my partner in my lap to embrace me in the water, but he calmly warned me that this didn’t fit here. I just insisted that there had to be a solution because, with such a sharpened weapon and a rock-hard swollen tail, I couldn't go ashore. Then he whispered something in the girls' ears, which they laughed kindly and began to pull into the deeper part. When only our shoulders or necks were visible from the water, we were standing around six, as if we were having fun in a heap, the two of us tightly closed in the middle, and caressing hands began to scan my body. Maybe they all secretly work as female escorts?

Eve fell under the water and eagerly took my cock in her mouth. Sometimes he came up to breathe, then fell down again and again and worked almost constantly on my pecked dick. But that's not how I wanted to enjoy it. I was also drained and licked her clit while stroking which girl I reached where I could. I wanted to reciprocate their kindness with this too and they didn’t even protest. The next time I came to the surface, my sweetheart snuggled around my neck, clasped my legs with my legs, and sat down in my penis. As he moved, he stirred tiny waves around us and the girls smiled a lot too. Sometimes one discharged and kissed between my legs, there was one that caressed my scrotum, rocking softly and freely in the waves stirred by the jolts in the water. This rocking can only be felt by someone who has already made love naked in the water. It’s like stroking the testicles with the finest velvet. The girls meanwhile revolved around us in such a way that an outsider could only think of a spinning game while we made love wildly. The water was downright pleasant, and the hot, slippery wall of Eve’s vagina hugged my penis fantastically. The rhythmic pulsation of the vagina further enhanced the experience of making love in the water for the first time in my life. I will remember this memory forever.

It was amazing how we reached the climax of the orgasm all at once. I could barely hold ourselves with my trembling feet. Luckily, the girls were quite closely involved with us, so we couldn’t have much trouble. They caressed, I felt my hands take turns massaging my testicles, fingers gently pinching the skin of my scrotum while crumbling it in a circle. I, too, tried to convey something of our happiness; As I reached between my thighs, I felt their hands working there all the time. Quietly, smiling, but they also made love to us, masturbated, and satisfied themselves. By the time we got ashore a calm but happy company could stretch out on this small island of paradise on earth. By this time, my penis didn't tell me about the earlier, pleasant brushing, though it was still swollen, my acorn was throbbing, but only we knew the reason for it. I walked proudly along in front of those watching us, knowing that with this penis — though it hadn’t completely slackened and only we know it — I shouldn’t be ashamed.

Sexual adventures with female escorts

When my boyfriend, Donny, broke his leg in football with his drunken buddies two days before we flew to Australia for Christmas, I was completely under myself. I thought I would give up the trip and stay at home on the farm in Alberta, outside on the snowy Great Prairie. However, since the hotel fee was not refunded and home forecasts predicted a brutal cold, I didn’t theorize much: I put a goodbye kiss on Donny’s face and plaster bandage, then waded through the snowdrops to the taxi waiting outside.

I lived in the countryside with my family and so far the farthest point I got from here was in Edmonton… I went to a family funeral. This miraculous journey to the far south was the first great opportunity for me to finally be independent, to spread my wings, to broaden my horizons, to discover new things, to meet new people before I turn twenty-one. As a country girl, I had already ridden a few cows, but then that was all…

It was minus thirty degrees when I boarded the plane in Edmonton, but I got off in Sydney plus thirty degrees. I hurriedly left the airport, in the smiling embrace of Old Sol. Sydney is full of attractions: there is the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, the “Rocks”, the golden sands of the beaches, the warm, crystal clear ocean. I got past all the formal tourist attractions right from the start… so there was no problem sending postcards to my parents and Donny. Then I got myself a bikini and headed to the beach to bake my pale, white, winter world body brown, bronze with the scorching sun.

After a busy day at the beach, I usually took a nap in the hotel room, only then went out to dinner and enjoyed Sydney’s nightlife. However, when I spent a particularly exciting afternoon on the nudist beach at Cobblers Beach, grazing my eyes, I found myself not only firing at the sight of the hot sun and the sea. I sat with a flaming body on the edge of my bed in my seventh-floor hotel room. My thoughts wandered back to a particularly attractive couple I spotted right on the beach: a typically Australian blonde sexy guy and his big-breasted, sand-blonde girlfriend. There they had fun naked in the waves, their hard bodies gleaming bronze, their softer body parts swaying pleasantly.

I got up from the bed, stopped in front of the large wall mirror, hanging my two arms beside me like a warrior preparing for a sexual duel, set on fire, ready for action. I was just wearing a white “Aussie Rules” t-shirt and a light blue hottie, so I stared at myself. My nipples meanwhile hardened, my pussy got wet and I imagined in front of me the beach blonde couple (I called them Guy and Kylie myself) as they go into the sea together, their naked, tanned bodies melting together, their lips boiling in a loving embrace.

Guy now presses Kylie to his muscular chest, his sizable hands smoothing along her curved back, slowly sliding him down to his muscular, round buttocks. Then he grabs her tight, golden-brown buttocks, and Kylie moans, clinging to the man's lips, their pink tongues intertwining and flashing in the bright rays of the sun. We could own the whole wonderful beach… Guy and Kylie kissing in love in the shimmering foams, cherishing each other, and myself out on the sand as I just took off my bikini and smiled at the lovers and even the whole continent. Now they look at me too, their eyes twinkle, they admire my naked body and they nod in appreciation. Then Kylie tilts her head back, her hair crown falls back, and Guy falls to her throat… kisses and licks that soft, sensitive skin, and even… bites it.

And I sighed the same way Kylie did, just staring at my sexy reflection. My blouse and shorts, meanwhile, somehow slid down to my feet, and I raised my two hands with trembling fingers and grabbed my naked breasts. "Oh, yes," I moaned and began to massage the tense flesh of my palm, sparkling all over my body. I shook my long black locks of hair and continued to massage my sunny breasts, my pink nipples staring hard forward, and I sucked in the salty air and just whimpered with desire. The Australian couple now starts kissing again, Guy grabs Kylie's full buttocks with a strong hand as she grabs the guy's head and starts biting her mouth wildly. I slid my trembling fingers onto my steep nipples, trembling all over my body, overheating from the erotic desire. And then… sizzling rain began to pour.

There I stood in front of the open sliding door leading to the balcony, separated from the outside world only by a thin gauze curtain, watching from there that the raindrops that covered the balcony swallowed the raindrops. But I couldn’t even forget that a little rain washes away my illusions, and even… The rain has become part of my fantasy. I stepped closer to the door, but I could still see well in the mirror, still looking at Guy and Kylie with my spiritual eyes. I poked my hand out beyond the curtain and grabbed a little of the liquid sunlight, then sprinkled it on my body. And I heard his sizzling. I sprinkled even more rainwater on myself until I became almost as wet as the brave and admirable couple in love in the ocean. I now placed my wet hand on my already watery breast again, fringed and massaged it, pinching my nipples staring with longing with my fingers.

- Yes, this is the one! I moaned and a wonderfully blazing pleasure rippled from my nipples all over my body. At first, I pulled my swollen nipples softly… Then not so softly anymore. I closed my eyes and wandered far away… The guy is just grabbing his long hard cock and dipping it into Kylie’s pussy. She cried out, then bounced up and wrapped her wet glistening legs around Guy's waist, wrapping her arms around his neck. The guy keeps him hanging by his buttocks as he moves his hips rhythmically back and forth, sliding his cock in and out into Kylie's dilated pussy, all there in front of my eyes, though the desire then split me as well. One of my hands just slid down my belly right between my thighs… I felt the soft, velvety coat, then fell on my swollen clit. I shook my head left and right, my whole body trembled, my pussy almost glowing, like all my other cartilage.

Guy, meanwhile, kept pushing his glittering cock into Kylie's eagerly gaping pussy, their tense muscles outstretched sharply, showing the man's enviable bulges on his legs, arms and back. Kylie clung to the man's neck, rummaging through his buttocks on Guy's hard-pounding cue, his tongue circling through the man's mouth, his body and breasts rocking to the rhythm of Guy's thrusts. Kylie’s movements are impressive, She definitely has the talent to join female escorts. Longing for desire, I stuffed my soft, sensitive tits, rubbed, caressed, and pulled the nipples. I poked my hands out the curtain again, collected rainwater in my palms, then sprinkled it on my pussy and chest to make my erotic toy more slippery. Now I pinched one of my nipples so hard that I thought he was about to blow… with me.

The rain was now pouring out there, dark clouds gathering just a few inches from me, absorbing the rays of the sun. Guy, on the other hand, stands there in the sparkling water under the cloudless blue sky and fucks Kylie. She writhes in the guy's muscular arms, her breasts trembling, her body twitching in ecstasy. She now pulls the man's face to her breasts as waves of orgasm sweep through her.

I slid my three fingers into my slippery vaginal opening, immersing it in the middle finger for minutes. Then I pounded my pussy rhythmically, as Guy did with Kylie outside of her orgasm… my thumb slid on my clit, my fingers crumbling my nipples. Guy now opens his mouth wide, his body twitching.

Then, pounding rhythmically, he shoots his seed deep into Kylie's body, the two of them now becoming one, trembling so strongly that they are afraid, lose their balance and fall into the ocean. And at that moment — following my nimble fingers and skillful thumb — an orgasm erupted from my pussy and clitoris with elemental force, sweeping through the water of my body dripping with the force of a tsunami, swirling into the sea with my lovers popping out of my imagination. My knees folded below me, trembling with pleasure, and gasping for air, I descended to the sand of the beach... to the carpet.

After a full minute, I opened my eyes. Blinking, I looked at that naked girl crouching on her knees in the mirror. Then I slowly slid my wet fingers out of my sloppy pussy and wondered in confusion as to whether that puddle would leave a stain on the carpet. I still climbed to my feet with a dripping body and staggered out onto the balcony through the curtain, letting the pouring rain cool down a bit and wash away the sticky evidence of complacency. The rain spray was good for my heated skin, I stretched my body in an arch to touch it better, I threw my head back, closed my eyes, opened my mouth. It was already a raging storm with full force, lightning zigzagging through the blackened sky, thundering, somewhere farther away maybe the sea was flooding, as I had already read about it.

Now someone giggled. My eyes opened, I straightened up at lightning speed. On the balcony next to mine, a man and a woman stood behind the barrier just two feet away. They stared at me, a lush, sensual smile shining on their faces, they looked at my naked body. I caught one arm in front of my breasts and covered myself between my two thighs with the other hand. The man laughed, then said something in German or Dutch before I screamed:

- I'm Canadian!

The man now pointed to his eyes and then to my room.

"We saw it," he said with a grin.

I turned back. In my room, the wall mirror was clearly visible through the gauze curtain. I turned to the man again with lightning speed, getting my hand from my tail in front of my pussy again. The man and woman were soaked just like myself and from the angle they were standing now… they looked all the way out of the mirror to enjoy!

"We saw it," he said again, his teeth flashing brightly.

I turned as red as boiled crab.

"I'm Ralf," he said in a friendly, pleasant voice as if it were quite natural for him to watch a girl as she pleases herself on vacation. He now put her arm around her shoulder.

- And he's Astrid. Come… to you?

I opened my mouth wide as I watched Ralf climb over the railing to my balcony. Then he helped Astrid through as well. Now we all stood there on the carpet of the five-square-foot balcony… myself mothered naked. And my guests soon followed my example.

Quickly and without any shame, they peeled off their soaked bumps, stepped out of their wet clothes, and then stood there as mother-naked as I… On the balcony overlooking the ocean, where you could see all the merchant and recreational boats, sailboats, and speedboats balk.

I could hardly believe this was happening to me… that my sex scene, publicly performed out of inattention, had plunged me into such a situation.

I just looked through the couple, the rain pouring down on us. They looked like twins — both tall and skinny, with sun-faded blonde hair and eyebrows, big blue expressive eyes, and tanned skin. Astrid's hair was braided into two braids, her breasts sat high and stood hard, her latte-colored nipples pierced with two silver needles.

Her pussy was bare like a light bulb, her swollen labia pierced with a silver ring.

Ralf's face was more square than Astrid's, his body smooth and valiant, his shoulders adorned with tattoos. My gaze now slid lower… straight to his tail. My eyes widened when I saw the chunky tanned male begin to grow and branch out right there, right in front of my innocent eyes.

Ralf pointed to the mirror and said,

"We'll help you enjoy it," he said, circling his finger.

- All together.

Astrid nodded with a smile, then touched my shoulder before I shivered despite the warm rain and scorching heat. Astrid then crawled behind me and grabbed my shoulder, squeezing her well, pressing her chest against my back. It felt like a bolt of lightning was running through me, teasing my pointed nipples and deep inside my pussy.

I felt weak but safe and wonderful. Astrid pressed against her soft, hot body and the rain sprayed all over my tingling skin. I closed my eyes and sighed. Then I felt two hands on my tits before my eyelids popped up again. Ralf grabbed my breasts in his two palms and began to caress and caress them, looking straight at me with his bright blue eyes. He crumbled and pinched my swollen nipples with his long fingers.

- Mmmm! I moaned softly.

It was pure madness... a complete stranger couple clapped my body amidst thunder and lightning on the balcony of a hotel where anyone could see. But my strict upbringing and abstaining behavior were now nine thousand miles from here. Then when Ralf kissed her softly, I pressed my mouth to his lips, which attracted lightning like an iron rod.

Now he kissed Astrid over my shoulder and then me again…

more powerfully this time. And by the third kiss, our lips were already completely fused. He drilled his tongue between my lips, searching for my tongue, his tail tensing hard and hot for my belly.

Our tongues revolved around each other, Ralf moved his hips, rubbing his cue against my slippery skin. Then he pulled back and kissed Astrid, and my breasts were grabbed by two more hands… this time Astrid. He grabbed me by the two hands, massaging my bagpipes, not taking his mouth off Ralf's lips for a moment.

Ralf now put both hands on my hips, then lowered his head and tickled one of my steep nipples with the tip of his tongue. My breath stopped. Astrid bit my neck and grabbed my breast and gave them to her lover… and my lover.

With his wet pink tongue, Ralf circled swiftly around one of my swollen tits. I trembled with pleasure. Astrid meanwhile licked, kissed, and bit my neck, grabbed my chest, Ralf tingled my nipples with the tip of his tongue… all this so that all three of us stood there in the pouring rain before the eyes of the world.

Ralf now put his lips on one of my nipples and started sucking by the time I got totally wet. She sucked on my swollen nipples more and more vigorously, her hot breath spreading across my chest. Then she let go of this nipple that was almost flaming and started sucking on the other one. Astrid's nimble fingers continued where the guy's mouth stopped and began to crumble my nipples. Then, when he bit into my earlobe and Ralf at the same time into one of my aching nipples, I cried out with the pleasure that completely gripped me.

And so it went, again and again, a fog sat on my brain, my body numbed, relaxed, and blazed. Eventually, I found myself kneeling on the soaked carpet, next to me Astrid, Ralf's big cock between the two of us. Lightning zigzagged across the sky, thunder shaking the building as Astrid wrapped her fingers around Ralf's steep cue, pulling him closer to his mouth and starting to suck his acorn. He looked at mine with his sparkling blue eyes, encouraging me to do the same.

Ralf groaned. I looked up at the trembling man as the rain dripped down his tanned torso. I hugged his legs, almost propping him up, my hands adventuring on the hard, tight buttocks.

Then I felt something hit my face… I looked down and saw Ralf's dick. It sparkled from Astrid's mouth and now she was just wanting my mouth.

I swallowed hard… Then I opened the mouth, sliding Ralf's acorn between my lips. The man growled, grabbed my head, and I pushed Astrid's hand aside and grabbed Ralf's cue myself, which had now grown to a good time and scary like the black clouds over our heads.

Ralf's cock throbbed in my hand. I pushed my dazed head forward so I could push it as far into my mouth as possible, then pulled back and started to suck his big cock. I shook my head up and down, the throbbing cue slipping between my lips. Then I grabbed his tight scrotum, and then his tail twitched in my mouth.

This feeling, represented by the sexual strength of a man whose hand and tail had just been gripped, was electrifying and he did not want to let it through.

But Astrid struggled to fish Ralf's cue from me and now she was starting to suck. Where one of us or the other grabbed the big penis, we licked and sucked, pushed it deep into our mouths, then slid it out again, over and over again… meanwhile, the rain was pouring on us.

With Astrid now sliding her tongue, Ralf stared at one side of his throbbing cock and I at the other, sharing the man in this way. We scanned back and forth on the big cue, our tongues sometimes touched on the lower half, our lips met at the swollen acorns. Ralf shook our heads together and we… The two girls started kissing, our excitement intertwined with excitement.

Finally, I stood there on all fours, with Ralf behind me, and Astrid lying stretched out in front of me stretched out wide. She grabbed her breasts and gave a significant look to her baby-faced pussy and then to me. I swallowed hard, then grabbed her thighs and dipped my tongue between her wet glistening labia.

Astrid groaned as I scanned my lips with my fast-moving tongue, then slowly, vigorously, pulled my tongue through her pubic opening, from her rectum to her clit cradle adorned with a silver ring. I licked over and over again as if I knew exactly what to do, and Ralf encouraged me by flapping my trembling buttocks with his tail.

Now I unfolded Astrid's pussy with my fingers and started licking her pink inside, toyed with the silver ring, finally slapped her swollen clit on my tongue, and sucked it. Ralf, therefore, rewarded him by pushing his dick into my pussy. It slid into me like an umbrella rod into the wet beach sand, deeper and deeper as his body hit my butt. Then he started fucking hard, grabbing my hips and pushing his cock in and out of my flaming pussy.

I could barely breathe while I sucked on a woman’s clit and a man punched my pussy with his cock. Astrid pressed my head to her pussy, the musky scent and the penetrating juices whipped my senses, Ralf pounded from behind, completely filling my insides, and the rain poured heavily on our heated body, which was now almost steaming.

Lightning flashed, the sky thundered, my body trembled helplessly, an overwhelming orgasm started from my pussy and rippled all over me raj I felt like I was floating. I licked Astrid's pussy without stopping, rubbing her clit with my finger. Now he screamed and shook his whole body, his hot juices spilling into my mouth that I was almost drowned. Ralf also shouted loudly, pressing his body against mine, squirting his hot juices into my greedily gaping pussy, and now the three of us were tossing in the surging sea of ​​ecstasy.

It took a good while for us to unfold from each other, all three of us killed and satisfied. Ralf helped Astrid and me to their feet, after which there was a loud ovation of our reward from two guys who were leaning out of the balcony above us.

The end of this was that later, during the evening, I included them in my holiday plans as well.

It’s fantastic how much a change of location and a little self-demonstration changes a person’s outlook on life… especially their sex life. This trip made me think about actually trying out the female escort activity.


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