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Escort Live Girls is an international escort directory with a large number of models to spend your time with. We offer you pleasant company that will brighten your everyday life. You can also find VIP escorts, call girls, hot sex girls, escort girls, and porn star escorts here. We provide a platform for countless independent escorts who offer their extraordinary female escort service and are happy to provide enjoyment. You can search for female, male and trans escorts worldwide.

The experience of our users is extremely important to us, so you can chat and video chat with our escorts to make sure you choose the right sex partner. But you can also view the escort reviews to see what others have experienced about escort girls.

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ELG is the best place for you to look for naughty girls who will do things for you that no one else would dare mention. Meet girls who don’t shy away from challenges and women who fuck for money. You can have a garden party, a pool party or even a small number of private parties. On the website, you can filter the models by services, so you can easily find the escort girls you like best to have a one-night stand.

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You have the opportunity to watch erotic online video shows. It is the first in the world to allow users to chat live with escort advertisers and video chat. You can see what they look like live in a video call. You can also verify that the advertiser's identity is genuine. You can talk to the escort girls to see if the chemistry works. Discover what’s fun for you in the advertiser and what turns you on. They can show everything you want to see on your webcam, and you can also tip. During the online webcam show, the performers can show you the sexiest parts of their bodies and entertain you with erotic dancing. They are happy to entertain guests with sex shows, but webcam chat is also welcome. Because of online sex interactions, ELG is much more user-friendly than other similar sites. Escort webcam models are nice and friendly! Once you have tried it, you will never use another website. This escort site can provide everything you need.

Online escort girls are marked with a green ribbon. They will respond immediately to your message in the chat. Take full advantage of our chat system, where you can contact any advertiser with an online alert, and get to know them before you meet them.

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What type of independent escort girls do you like? Do you like to grab huge breasts, or do you lick small tits? What pubic hair do you prefer? A shaved pussy or female genitals with bush? Do you want to have sex with exotic partners? Do you want to fuck Asian, black, or Latin escort ladies? You can live all these desires with us. We provide you with a detailed search engine where you can set each physical characteristic to better satisfy your sexual dreams. We offer you an extremely wide repertoire of services, be it incall, outcall, or webcam show. From traditional sex poses to BDSM to more extreme full service. Try anal or cum in the mouth. Take part in role-playing games and costume action! Escorts and babes provide an experience you’ve never had before. These hot escort girls are not joking. They have registered on numerous sex dating sites to reach as many clients as they can. It is up to you to get horny and find women for sex.

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Do you watch a lot of porn and fantasize about the actors on screen? Escort Live Girls also has a pornstar escorts category where you can also find the sexiest adult film actors who undertake escort services. Book pornstars now!

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Escort Live Girls welcomes all members and potential adult advertisers out there. Our goal is to find a matching sex partner for every gentleman. Bringing great joy in his life, filling his heart full of satisfaction. “Professional escort services for everyone” is our motto. We continue to improve our methods to make both visitors and escort girls happy. We honor the ancient relationship between the businessman and female escorts. We try to help people who want to enjoy the adult world either as an adult lady or a handsome client. This is a directory that holds many secrets. It’s up to you to discover the mysteries of the nightlife.

Male visitors pay attention! You are just one step away from meeting your dream woman. Call girls are waiting in line. You just have to pick your favorite dame and contact her. You have to select the “Girls” tab on the top to see all the female entertainers. It will load all escort ads the site has to offer. You can narrow your search using the advanced search menu. Advertisers will always be grouped into three sections. On top, the diamond VIP profiles will be displayed. After them, the VIP escort girls will appear. Finally, the advertising women will follow with basic memberships.

Call hot escort ladies to your home! Organize erotic parties in your hotel room including lots of naked ladies! Be the king of the moment, invite gorgeous chicks into your bedroom! Wake up next to hot sex girls! Maintaining a friendly relationship with your favorite call girls is key. Next time both of you will happily arrive at the scene, and everyone will have a great time. They also like the friendly work environment, so let's keep it that way! When you call escort girls who you've met before, always start with a few nice words to set the base mood high. Remember the best parts of her services from last time and ask for history to repeat itself. They always appreciate the fact that you remembered her talent from last time. It gives her confirmation about her work in this competitive market. She provides premium escort services. It's the biggest confidence boost an escort lady could get.

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Do you consider yourself a beautiful woman? And you consider getting into the escort profession? You've come to the right place. The best way to start is to jump on the ELG train. Register, and create your own profile for free to join our escort girls! Upload your sexy pictures and hot videos! If you are a member of an escort agency, link it to your profile! Spread the news! Call your fellow colleague within the ranks of your agency and tell them about this awesome site! Everyone has the right to be here.

ELG is a great playground for adult activities. We offer advertising opportunities to adult advertisers who would like to meet more people. We house an enormous number of profiles and even more registered accounts. Here no advert will be left undetected. Our models can get ten times more views than ever before. Women can register as independent female escorts, or as part of an escort agency. Members can chat and also make video calls. Profiles can contain a private gallery holding numerous private images and private videos. Members can discover these mysterious contents. This site is a tool for ladies to lift their businesses to even new heights. Every escort woman needs it, recommends it, loves it. Or they don't know about it yet. 

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We have integrated the bitcoin payment system to offer our users even more convenient options. As an escort girl, you can also pay for your VIP and diamond VIP membership with cryptocurrency. However, this option does not offer you the convenience of automatic renewal. You must manually renew your membership again. Our visitors can now happily spend their bitcoins to buy Escort Live Girls credits, with which they can chat and video chat with our escort models.

Escort Live Girls stories

Sex picnic

It was my first day as an escort. I was scared out of my mind. Not about the sex but about all of the horror stories I have heard about escort girls getting hurt. The drugs that seem to slip into your life and before you know it BAM your hit and you’re a junky giving blow jobs for ten dollars. Is there a good side to fucking for money? Yes, it has its moments other than the money. Once in a while, I meet someone who really knows how to fuck and every once in a while I cum so hard I get lightheaded to the point that I am going to pass out. But those moments are a dime a dozen¦ don’t you think?

My identity will remain unknown but I have worked in the sex industry. My stories are all collated with facts and some fantasy for an edge. Life experience is the best in my world. I am five three a natural blonde very fit and defined body with C breasts and an ass all strippers wish they had. Attractive so I’ve been convinced anyway.

“Are you ready hon? Karen said slightly. “Yeah, I am ready what does the client want? I replied hesitantly. “Well he’s a regular who likes to role play and if you play your cards right you will be spending many vacations and making more money than a lot of escort girls. Said Karen excitingly. Karen went on This time around he wants a cheerleader and he wants you to meet him at a park, this gentleman has a very specific taste and only wants the most beautiful women, he’ll blow through a lot of pictures. So you should take this as a big compliment that he chose you and you can’t be any luckier getting him for your first client. Meet him at 5 am tomorrow. “Ok, Karen I’ll call you when I arrive.

Well I can pull this off good I am already a teen I tough to myself now all I need is the gear. So I called my friend and she agreed to let me borrow her stuff. I made up a story about my boyfriend and me needing the outfit because we were role-playing. I was glad that she bought it because she knows how I hate the whole school spirit shit. Most of the time I skipped school and fucked anyway so I figure get paid as well. I needed a new car anyway.

It’s 4:30 am and I am getting into sexy mode after I got dressed and put on my makeup. I jumped in my car to my appointment with mystery man number one. As I was waiting in my car until 5 am. I decided to masturbate a little to get ready as Karen implied the stakes were high and there was a lot of money in this one. So I leaned my seat back a little and spread my legs as far as I could in my car. I slipped my hand down and started messaging my clit slowly and gently. Just as I was beginning to relax a car pulled up next to me. I quickly composed myself and watched my client walk past me and sit down at the picnic table by the gathering of trees. He was a tall man and surprisingly not bad-looking. I slowly stepped out of the car and approached him. I walked to the back of the table and sat behind him and wrapped my legs around his arms and chest. He started kissing my calf and turned around to look at his goods. A smile of appreciation swept over his face as he grabbed my hand and motioned me in front of him. I messaged his thighs and he pulled down his pants to expose his cock. I unbuttoned his shirt and went down to suck his cock I slowly lick up his chest and to his nipples and went back to his cock. I licked and sucked his cock like I was enjoying a meal that I haven’t had all day. “Mmm, this cock is so good while staring up at him. He grabbed my hair and slightly pushed me to take it all down my throat. I started getting really into this. I could feel my little pussy throbbing in anticipation of his cock being in me. He pulled me up and I sat on him slowly I moved my hips and took it all in. Every time I trusted my pelvis forward on the back motion I squeezed my pussy. His hands touched me all over and so well he had a great touch. I liked the way he sucked on my nipples and used his tongue. He flipped me over and fingered my ass as he was fucking me. The way he used his cock was so good it was not sloppy at all or too fast. I was on the brink of Cumming when he pulled out. I turned around and got on my knees in front of the table and took his cock all the way down my throat as he was Cumming. I held it there until every last drop was shot and I swallowed it slowly. I pulled my shirt back down over my tits and adjusted my skirt. As he was getting himself together. He looked at me with satisfaction and handed me my money as he was walking away he said we would meet again.

“This client wants a blonde that is willing to get tied up and forced a little, is you game? Karen asked. “Yeah have you had him before? I inquired “No, he’s new. I didn’t like the sound of that because I didn’t know the extent of roughness that would be involved and I already had a couple of close calls so far. The other escort girls also told me similar stories.


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