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3 Critical Mistakes That Men Make When Selecting a Companion

What are the most frequent critical mistakes that men can avoid when selecting a companion?

1. Men don’t care who they go with

Impatience, desperation, frustration, exhaustion, resignation, long-term suppression of pleasure, influence of substances, or various combinations thereof can drive this one. Hence when the urges hit, these men want a companion or “entertainer” immediately. So they dial several numbers and wait who responds… The danger of this approach is that men will end up selecting an unsuitable companion or “entertainer” who will care about her interest and treat them accordingly…. A vicious circle hence begins: men pay high amounts for awkward fake(d) “pleasure”. Then they get frustrated and repeat the mistake…

Years go by and cut the precious time these men have on the planet… How is that fun? Wouldn’t selecting a companion or “entertainer” who had all the traits of your dreams be more fun? Look at it this way: if a woman called you and didn’t even know who she was talking to and where she saw your number, what message would she send? That she doesn’t care about who she goes with. And if she doesn’t care, why should you care? The message is subtle, but powerful and profoundly disrespectful. Does the fact that she’s paying entitle her to disrespect? If it does, will disrespect breed respect?

2, Men don’t do their research when selecting a companion

Many men don’t even remember where they see the details of the women they call. Again, impulsive behaviour. Let’s feel good. Who cares about research? Let’s have fun right now – often also in a state altered by alcohol, drugs, or both. That state is certainly not conducive to research. But if you don’t do your research, how do you know what you’re signing up for? Associating with the wrong person could have tragic – at worst even lethal – consequences for your health, career, family, life…

Another benefit of researching the companion whose pictures you liked in an ad is that you know what you can expect. You know what you will get for your money. And you won’t put yourself in an awkward position.

Plus you’ll come across as much more respectful if you show that you’ve made an informed choice! Planning prevents poor performance. Investing a few minutes in research of the pretty woman in the picture that has caught your eye will pay you higher dividends than will be the amount you lose on her fee. I also recommend that you read this article – its gist is related to this topic.

3. Men don’t know what they want

This one may sound crazy, but is the most common. Even men who care about who they go with and do their research often do not know what they want from a companion. Or even why they’re looking for one. Think about it: do you have clear criteria for selecting a companion? Do you know what you want from her and your relationship with her?

What’s your goal of wanting to engage with a companion or other type of “entertainer”? To feed your ego? To blunt the emptiness in your life from which you can’t hide? Perhaps to deflect your anger at something or someone? To prove to yourself that money can buy you pleasure? Or to celebrate life and its finer moments? Or even to have a stable consistent companion / perhaps lover / friend whom you can entrust things that your family and friends shouldn’t hear? What do you want her to do and be for you? Get this clear – perhaps even on paper. You will focus on selecting the right person. Not leaving it to chance.

Men who make these mistakes when selecting a companion

congregate in the highest number in the low rungs of the industry. But there’s plenty of room for improvement in the high rungs too. If all men who are in my circle of friends can have been selective about their companion, so can you – if you’re one of the men who need to learn this lesson.

The added benefit of caring, doing your research, and knowing what you want is that your companion or partner in fun will view you as an intelligent being worthy of her time and NRG. Hence your relationship will begin on good footing. And you should do all three things! After all, aren’t you buying some connection which should be far more intimate than are all other connections with all other people in your life?

I’m happy to help you get clear about what you want, why you should care who you go with, and how to do your research before you go with them.

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