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Passive in Intimacy?

Do you prefer to be passive in intimacy? And why do some men wonder why their intimate partners don’t deliver quality intimacy either? I invite you to discover the answers.

‘Passive in intimacy’ has two meanings

One meaning is when a man prefers a woman to take charge in intimate matters, but actively participates when she does. Another meaning is what inspired this article. All will be released…

Passive breeds passivity

Some men always want their intimate partners to enjoy intimacy with them. And there will always be men who prefer to lie there and take what their intimate partner gives. The men with the passive attitude will operate on the axiom that “I’m paying, you entertain me” if they’re intimate with a woman whom they paid presumably for it. Or “you’re a woman, so seduce me.” But how do they expect to be given the connection, warmth, feeling they crave if they’re not prepared to give the same?

We are all receptive to nonverbal communication. If you convey a positive message with words but a negative one with the body, another person will always take the message of the body. You would too if you were on the receiving end of something similar. So how does your communication contribute to the quality of your intimacy? Especially if you be passive in intimacy? Consider men who think that their intimate partner should entertain them because they’re paying or in whatever context. What energy do they send? How does that affect the response that they get? How would you feel and respond if another person gave you that attitude?

You would intuitively feel it.

If someone tells us nonsense, we know just like we know if someone tells us sense. Every time we communicate we release subtle energies. So be careful about what energy you radiate, because you’ll get it back. Examples of this are: if you’re having a conversation with another person, you know if the conversation is “landing” well. And you also know when you have an inflexible communicator! How do you know?

Intuitively – from your partner’s nonverbal and then verbal responses. So if you’re planning to stay passive in intimacy, this energy will hang in the air. Your partner will get the message and most likely be put off and act that way or similarly.

Being passive in intimacy works both ways

The principle is simple, yet there’re many [generally unhappy] men who don’t grasp it. Why are they unhappy? Because they come across this passive attitude from others. But these men do not realize that they’re its source – until someone tells them! Taking is nice, giving is nicer. If we take all the time, we end up with heaps of stuff, yet emptiness at heart, because the stuff will lose value and we’ll start searching for the next taking… But we’ll never run away from the emptiness at heart. The only way to break the circle and get fulfilled is by giving some of ourselves to others.

If you give, your intimate partner will give more

Because if you do something nice, you’ll feel more loving toward the world around you. The virtuous circle will begin – others will start accepting and loving you too. Verbal and nonverbal [even intimate] communication will start flowing. Happiness will start flooding your body and heart. And you’ll never have a dull encounter again! You’ll exude more attractive energy which will attract similar partners. So start giving – and you’ll start receiving! And if you’re feeling shaky, take my hand…

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