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The movie industry dated back in the 1880s when Thomas Alva Edison and Eadweard Muybridge and others discovered the motion pictures. This new phenomenon quickly caught the attention of the people. Since then this magnificent invention grows into one of today's biggest industries. There are more and more advanced techniques to capture the reflected light. After a long journey, it is not a question of how but what. What do we what to capture and display to the audience as entertainment? From nature film to science-fiction, there are all kinds of genres. It is tiresome to work in front of the camera. Working all day long coordinated with the crew. Many porn actresses decide to start an escort career. It is much more personal and intimate. It is much more versatile and exciting. Plus, it can provide a much bigger salary as well. Pornstar escorts can travel the world while making huge money. Visiting a lot of interesting places, meeting new faces, and building their web of clientele and potential sex partners.

Clients also intrigued by sharing a bed with active adult actresses. It improves the excitement factor and turns them on tenfold. This makes them feel stars as well. Just as if they would be part of a sex film. There is an opportunity to play the role of the plumber or the electrician. Checking out the households and the neglected, lonely yet erection inducing housewife who is in desperate need of help.

Would you rather share the experience with your friends? Would you be more hardcore? Set up a gang bang scene with your favorite pornstar! Poor little school girl! She innocently walked into your home, and she felt she has to obey you. You all gang up on her and show her, who is the boss. The little slut gets what she deserves. Tears dropping from her eyes, making her makeup and eyeliner smears. Her clothes ripped into pieces. The student just lays on the floor completely humiliated and satisfied.

Do you feel dirty? Play the part of the guilty criminal! Let sexy cop bust into your house. She throws her search warrant into your face and orders you to stand next to the wall. She does a deep strip search on you. Then she handcuffs you to the radiator and reads you the law. Finally, you get the justice you deserve. Porn star escorts do not mess around!

Joining the female pornstars

I ran out of money, so I started looking for a job again. I was reading magazines when I found an ad on a casting. They were looking for a blonde girl for an adult movie, and I felt it was a perfect opportunity. Maybe I can break into the industry, alongside other female pornstar escorts. I rang the given mobile number, and a nice direct male voice greeted me at the far end of the line. He mentioned that the girl who passes the casting conversation will receive a three-scene contract, occasionally for 200 bucks. It sounded very good, so I immediately said yes and arranged a Tuesday appointment for the casting. I put on my tightest top as well as my perforated jeans and my sexiest boots to make a good impression.

They waited for me in an old stone house in the seventh district. Two men opened the door, offered coffee. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to have to do, and that’s why I had a good deal of excitement in me as well. To my surprise, one of them soon said goodbye and that was the beginning of the hearing. Nate pulled out a camera, which he placed on a tripod, and then asked questions. He asked when I had lost my virginity. I was already with these two guys, if I had casual relationships, or if I enjoyed being fucked in the ass. As I responded to these, Nate asked me to undress and show my body to the camera. I got out of my clothes nicely and spun around. He saw on me that I hadn’t done much like this yet, so he gave me instructions on what to do. I was very embarrassed and felt that it didn’t work out very well that’s why the lamp fever got on me.

Nate asked me to sit down on the couch and masturbate for the camera. I swallowed a big one and then sat down with my feet, stepped on the armrests of the armchair, and started stroking my pussy. My hand was shaking and somehow no sound came out of my throat. By the time I started fingering myself, both of my legs had already been shaking, and I could provide some awful sight, there was nothing erotic in what I was doing.

When Nate stood up, I was hoping this nightmare was over, but when she pulled out a vibrator, I guessed that there is more to come. He smeared the metal vibe with a lubricant and asked me to kneel on the armchair and push it into my asshole. I was terribly embarrassed, got on my knees, reached back with trembling hands, and started pushing the vibrator in my ass. Luckily it wasn’t turned on because I sure would have dropped it. When I already felt like he could go almost to the brim, I pushed the vibrator into my butt, maybe too much, as it wasn’t hanging out enough for me to be able to move it. That's when he said it would be enough. Even he stopped the camera, and I took the tool out of my ass and then I got dressed, I started. I was still trembling, glad that it was all over. In the meantime, he said that they were already looking for girls with bigger breasts, and for them, I am a very beginner, I am, but I put off my recording. I said goodbye and then hurriedly left, feeling very uncomfortable and just hoping that a video like this wouldn’t get off the internet.

I got discouraged from all the pornography, but my money set aside wasted dangerously. Five days passed when my phone once rang. Nate called for one of their daughters not to take on a scene, and if I think I can jump in instead. They also tried to call female pornstar escorts but were unsuccessful. I thought about it, but when I heard that I was getting 200 bucks for it, I immediately said yes. He asked me to hurry up and leave as soon as possible. I got myself together. I took a taxi and in half an hour I was at the apartment.
They put a little makeup on me. The make-up girl said there would be a scene with a black guy, and that scared the other girl. I smiled confusedly, but inside I was very excited. When I entered the room, I was told that according to the scene, the guy was my husband and I was to climb on him after coming out of the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, wrapped myself in a towel, and waited for them to signal.

When the scene started, I stepped out of the bath and measured my partner all the way through. A muscular black guy was lying on the bed. His tool was the size of a horse now. Smiling I walked beside her and sat down on the bed, and started stroking her upper body. The director spoke from the side, and the action began, I stood up, dropped the white towel off myself, and knelt back on the bed. I grabbed the oversized cue and started sucking. I have become aware that somehow I am not at all excited right now. I filled my mouth with the slowly hardened tool, and they told me to do it a little more spectacularly. I took it out of the mouth and started jerking the guy off with both while smiled wildly and then licked all the through. I swallowed it pretty deep, then took it out of my mouth again and started to treat his balls. I enjoyed the thing more and more and scratched his thigh wildly all the way. I felt like he was enjoying the thing as he became goosebumps and grabbed my ass with his huge palm.
I started sucking wildly and noticed that my pussy was getting wetter as her fingers got lost in me. He sat up, pressed my head to his cock a few times, then laid it on my back. I smiled wildly and said lustfully, almost snarling, my trite text, “Fuck Me”! My partner grabbed my ankles and stretched my legs almost to the asparagus. I could feel the huge acorn already on my pussy and suddenly pressed halfway down his cock. It didn’t hurt, but I felt like it was going to be a tough ride.

At the next push, the big chocolate bar slipped into me and I moaned big. He elbowed beside me and started fucking. I was hovering somewhere between pain and pleasure, but the pleasure was mostly provided by the upcoming salary. He pulled it in and out, his huge tool, and his groin snapped loudly at me. When the camera took my face, I snarled lustfully and repeated my lyrics “oh yeah” and “fuck me harder”.

We changed poses and continued his task in a dog pose. He pushed big on me, and I felt uncomfortable, it was hard to bring pleasure to my face. When they took my face from twenty inches and I was supposed to show lustful faces to the camera, I did, but I was thinking, it is a horse who is funking me. During the recording, I was asked if I would take it in the ass as well, but I said that I would skip this now if possible. I was also told this to my French partner and signaled to him that it was time to wrap things up. He switched to a terrible pace, I can’t say anything else, he fucked me really hard.

I screamed loudly, but I couldn't keep an enjoyable face here anymore. He pulled out his dick, I quickly turned, and he blew his load. He spread all over my face and sperm dripped down my chest. I went to take a shower. In the end, I got 250 bucks for the scene, because I performed well for a beginner. I was happy, but in the next two weeks, I couldn't think about the dicks. I’d rather leave this job to professional female pornstar escorts.


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