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The world's first escort girls database with chat and video chat

Our goal is simple - "Convenient and fast communication with escort girls"

Our site is designed to provide a professional platform for business people and those who spend lot of time away from home to find attractive sex partners, guides, or just a few new friendly faces. We help you make new acquaintances and build new relationships in your current location. Our members can perform targeted searches and find the most attractive escort girls, the most beautiful gentlemen, and the sexiest transgender people in the area. The emphasis is on good fun, comfortable human relationships, and reliability. We want our visitors and advertisers to feel comfortable in their own skin as well. Here on this page.
On a business trip, everyone can feel lonely in their motel room. If you are such a person, we recommend you this Escort Live Girls page. We can say that ELG is an online escort website that is much more effective than any other page with similar content.

Start by selecting a hot woman and contacting her. The possibilities are endless. You can reveal the unknown personalities of your partners over the phone. Or you can take a more direct approach and confront them. Interrogating others about their personal lives is easier in person. You may jump forward and jump into the spicy parts. Get an erotic dance show from an escort girl!
Escort Live Girls is an international companion library where female escorts from all over the world can publish their escort ads. Both independent individuals and agencies can advertise themselves. Our advertisers offer professional services, wonderful entertainment, a variety of adult activities, a reliable guide, and an interesting company.

What is an escort?

In short, an escort is a person who gets paid for accompanying someone to an event that may end with a sexual act. This service can range from simple phone sex to hardcore BDSM. Everyone has their own deep and twisted desires. The only question is how much can someone reveal? Or they let go completely and surrender themselves to a life of sin?
Let’s start at the top. The two major categories of this profession.
Incall service means that the client visits the advertisers’ home or place of operation. It might be better prepared for erotic pleasures. Fully equipped with sex toys and sex furniture. Sometimes the whole apartment is transformed into a dungeon. It provides a great experience for adventurous clients.

The other is the outcall service. In this case, the meeting happens in a place selected by the client. Often their flat or a rented motel room. The home territory grants a safer feeling. It is harder to get caught if it is a secret forbidden rendezvous.

The actual female escort services may depend on the previous two categories and of course money. But you should always ask in advance about the extreme requests. Not everyone is willing to fulfill them.

Why is Escort Live Girls different from other escort sites?

There are more escort sites on the web than garbage in the oceans. What is so special about this one? There are a thousand more where you can find local escorts and reach them over the phone or email. On some websites, you can even make an appointment. We got that covered too. Plus, on visitors can chat with sexy escort girls online. With today’s technological advancement chat is the most efficient most comfortable way of communication. It is not distracting. You answer when you want. It can be ignored at inappropriate times. You can exchange information easily and get to know each other quickly.

But that’s not all. Our big gun is the video chat feature. The two parties can have video conversations in their browser. They can speak freely with a live audio and video feed and they can discuss any detail and dirty little secret before they meet. It allows you to form a more personal opinion about the advertiser. You can decide whether you like him or her, or not. You can avoid a really uncomfortable experience this way instead of getting disappointed in the personal meeting.

Why is it worth posting your escort ad here?

The answer is short. You can earn money that we transfer to your bank account. The site’s currency is called credit. You can collect credits by interacting with visitors. And when you reach the 1000 credit payout limit, you will be able to initiate a payout request and we will transfer it to your bank account. You can earn credits for every incoming chat character that the visitors send to you. It is worth it to always reply swiftly and keep the attention of your potential partner. About him! Tease him and let him know your only wish is to make physical contact! Let your words perform like an erotic dancer!

Upload your private gallery! Hide your intimate pictures and videos. Your most faithful fans will unlock this content in exchange for credits determined by the advertiser.
The best part is that you would communicate with your clients anyway to secure appointments. With this opportunity, you can make a nice online revenue addition to your offline income without doing any plus work.

Accept video calls! Your credits also grow on a second basis during video calls. Have entertaining conversations with your dates, and you will drown in credits soon. Give live erotic shows, strip and tease! You can also ask for tips in the form of credits. Bribe your partner and drop some clothes for some credits! Video chat is a great tool to build trust and making sure that the other party is reliable, and guarantees he or she will show up on the rendezvous.

Build relationships to achieve great success in your line of work! Start using the Escort Live Girls sex cam system now! Create your escort ad and join the ELG now!


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