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Having sex after a long marriage

I'm Laura and I live in Florida. I’m not a young girl anymore. I’m an experienced woman in my 50s. I have a successful life behind me. I run a 25-year-old beauty business that has been very lucrative in recent years. I can’t complain, I can afford more than average. I can also call myself lucky when it comes to family. I gave birth to two wonderful boys and a girl, but they have moved out long ago. My husband and I have been in control of the house together for two years. The problems began here. As the children left, it became more and more monotonous every day, less and less impulse hit us. As the house emptied, in parallel, our lives began to become empty as well. We talked less and less, sex also became routine like housework. We felt less and less attachment to each other. My husband, George, one day suggested divorce. He argued that he wanted to re-experience the excitement and lust, and he was sure I would feel the same way. Let us not chain one another to unhappy death. As the mother of his children, he will always care for me and help if needed. But don’t stick to a fake marital model.

I’ve been single for 3 months now and now I’ve managed to get things in order in both body and soul. We sold the family apartment and bought a smaller apartment where I spend my days. However, the move was tiresome. I don't even remember the last time I was alone. I felt very lonely. Sometimes I called one of my girlfriends, but that phone conversation couldn’t make up for the lack of family. After settling in, in addition to the emotional lack, I also noticed the signs of physical desire in myself. Just as sometimes you covet a delicious cake, I was hungry for a man’s touch. I quickly got this thought out of my head. However, it didn’t go away completely. Just as a splinter, remained in my subconscious and grew stronger every day.

After a couple of weeks, I was so horny that I masturbated in my apartment several times a day. I also got my “Deep Drill” type vibrator out of the boxes, which I got from George. I don’t even remember which anniversary for. We haven't used it many times. We retired it relatively quickly and have been dusting deep in one of the closets ever since. I dusted it off and cleaned it. The old warrior was still working! I turned on the television and started to touch myself watching my favorite movies. I fantasized that rich, famous actors were my minions and would do anything to please me. Sometimes I was a little ashamed of what my mind was up to. "My God, where did I sink?" But I quickly shook it off. I deserved this. I was left alone in this flat, this is my ultimate refuge. The side of my vibrator was a bit wrinkled, just like the gills of a fish.

Hotwife Taylor I often took my time and chose the path of slow pampering. With my ribbed tool, I harrowed my labia all the way through thoroughly, not all the surrounding capillaries had contracted. Meanwhile, one of my imaginary servants kissed my feet on reception with a sense of mission. My body became goosebumps and I continued to cultivate my “garden” with sensual breaths. With my free hand, I caressed my breasts and excited my nipples. My pussy was wet no doubt. I switched to Operation Deep Drilling. I carefully placed the artificial penis in a position ready for penetration. I waited a few seconds to tease myself. I pushed the vibrating object into my vagina pretty slowly. Then I started pulling it out. I continued the pump-like monotonous motion and made a gradual small increase in speed. My breathing was proliferating, my body tense. The vibrator had already disappeared in a flash and then emerged from the sloppy genitals. Eventually, the process ended with a volcanic eruption and I cummed. After that, I caressed myself for long minutes and felt the pussy juice begin to dry on my skin. I felt dirty.

Days were passing when my daughter’s birthday was approaching. I decided to buy her something. I had seen a gift shop on my street earlier. After work, I visited the place. It was a spacious store. It has everything. From clay figures to paper. Gadgets, pictures, lamps, and other ornaments.

- "Can I help you?" A kind but masculine voice said to me.

From behind the counter, a tall gentleman in his 40s looked at me. His gaze was calm. His presence was so strong that I was embarrassed a little. I walked to the counter.

- "I want to buy something for my daughter's birthday, but I have no specific idea."

I was able to take a closer look at the man. He wore jeans and a shirt. This is the standard dress code. He wasn't very muscular, but he wasn't skinny either. He had a good stance and his posture suggested some kind of noble or aristocratic background. His charismatic jaw moved up and down as he listed my options. Chestnut brown eyes reflected happiness and balance. Her shoulder-length black curly hair was already starting to turn gray, but he didn't look the type who is bothered by it. He would proudly take on the role of the wise man. Although I left the most important thing to the end. I don’t want to lie either. We all know what I checked out first. He wore loose jeans so his cock didn’t bulge and I couldn’t get information about his dick size. “Does he shave it? Maybe is it circumcised? Jesus Christ! I should go to a psychiatrist!” I pondered to myself. Suddenly I snapped out of it. The salesman had finished his monologue and I had no idea what he did just say. The embarrassment meter in my head had jumped to the max. I looked around quickly and lifted a tapir statue. I paid quickly. The guy said goodbye with a cute smile. I finally left. “Well, I got the gift. I'm going shopping.”

When I got home to the apartment, I unloaded the stuff and had dinner. I lay down on my red leather sofa and turned on the TV. The evening program can begin. Guests usually doesn’t come, but just to be safe, I don’t keep the Deep Drill on the coffee table. I pulled out the bedding holder with one hand and carefully prepared the special tool. I was in a quick mood that day. I also salivated my fingers and started stroking myself in an intense circular motion. My gaze nailed to the TV, but my mind was completely different. In spirit, I returned to the gift shop. The visual world of my imagination was blurred, but my desires were clear. The gift shopkeeper almost stood in front of me, unbuttoning his shirt and getting rid of his pants as well. In the blink of an eye, he was on me, squeezing me tightly and dipping its cock into me. He pumped the femininity that slept in me with a masterful hip movement. I noticed that I forgot to use the vibrator, out of consciousness I finger myself like crazy. Once again, I imagined my new fetish salesman pounding me hard. I was cumming.

Here I knew right away that something had changed. I’m no longer just masturbating to inaccessible movie stars, but to a physically accessible person. It’s a gateway from my fantasy world back to real life.

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