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About credits


credits are the currency of the website

1 EUR = 10 Credits

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Members can obtain credits by purchasing credit packages. See the prices

Members can spend their credits to access premium features, like

  • chat with the models, the most convenient and modern way of communication Learn more
  • videochat with the models and sending tips, get to know the models in advance Learn more
  • unlocking private galleries, discover the hidden mysteries of the models

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Escort model

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Escort models can obtain credits by attracting members to their profiles, interacting with them, and convincing them to spend credits. Models receive 50% of the credits spent on their profile.

Escort models can spend their credits to

  • buy VIP or Diamond VIP membership, instantly getting to the top listings Learn more

or they can keep it until they reach the minimum 1000 credit limit. Earning money by

  • requesting a payout and we transfer your credits to your bank or PayPal account converted to USD. Learn more

Use Credit currency!

You can use the credit payment service on the site. With this payment tool you can access all the extra services provided by the site. Online chat, video chat.

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